Thursday, 11 August 2016

What’s Trending in Weight Loss Products?

The supplement industry never seems to go out of business when it comes to weight loss products. With the lifestyle that the US follows, there are more pressures of work, and little or no emphasis on health. In a situation where junk food and quick bites in front of our computers make major part of our permanent and never-changing diet plans, weight gain is only an expected and conspicuous result.
So, to tackle this problem, it is but obvious that solutions will be found and devised. Some are here to stay, and some newer ones come each day. To be honest, lots of people try lots of them, and it takes a while to choose the most effective one. For now, let’s see what the latest trends in weight loss are.
Garcinia Cambogia Supplements
This one is a total rage, and currently stands at numero uno position in the weight loss dietary supplements category. It first shot to fame when it was hailed by Dr. Oz as a miraculous weight loss solution that eradicates the need of diet or exercise. It sold like hot cakes thereafter; it still is.
The component that makes it so successful is hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, as it is more popularly known to the public. It is the main component in Garcinia Cambogia that causes weight loss, and so weight loss products with controlled amounts of HCA may do wonders.

The side effects are very negligible and can go only as far up as an upset stomach.
This really seems to be working, and people are opting for it. Ketosis actually means a state of your physical system wherein your body does not have enough carb reserves to produce energy, which in turn causes the fat to be burned into energy.
The fact is that it does work, but is extremely difficult to sustain since the human body is not used to taking no carbs at all. The body could even be hurled into upset bowels, constant dizziness, mood swings, bas breath and much more.
Weight Loss Belts / Shape Wear
Well, Kim Kardashian has set a rage for it, and women really seem to be taking her word without a grain of salt.
The ugly truth is that it such belts and restrictive wear don’t cause your fat to burn; they only hide it for the while it is on your body. Once off, you witness the reality in the mirror. And, don’t think all this comes without side effects.
Green Coffee
Green coffee extract is another of the dietary supplements for weight loss that was recommended by Dr. Oz in his show in 2012. He suggested that just like Garcinia Cambogia, the green coffee extract (derived from the unroasted coffee beans) also helps burn the fat pretty fast without any support from exercise or diet.
Its active component, a chemical called chlorogenic acid is the one that is responsible for weight loss. Besides weight loss, it is also believed to help in conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, bacterial infections and even Alzheimer’s.
However, its efficiency in treating obesity depends on the blood sugar handling and metabolism control of the body.

So, go on and figure which one of these weight loss products is made for you. 

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